Virtual Mountjoy III Sampler

Join us from wherever you are! Mark your calendars for the Society for Sedimentary Geology and Canadian Society for Petroleum Geologists co-organized  Mountjoy Carbonate Virtual Sampler Meeting coming  August 17-19, 2021.

Just like the Olympics, the Mountjoy Carbonate Conference is held every four years.  And, just like this year’s Olympics, we have decided to push the main event by a year, so that we may enjoy the full schedule of presentations, discussions, and field trips from the geological splendor of Banff, Alberta.  However, five years is a long time to wait between meetings, so we are presenting the Virtual Sampler Meeting for 2021!

This virtual sampler gives us a chance to showcase themes that will highlight cutting-edge research and to garner full international participation in the rescheduled 2022 Mountjoy III Carbonate Research Meeting.

The three half day Virtual Sampler Meeting will feature a series of keynote presentations and discussion sessions lead by a diverse panel of experts that will highlight recent state of the art trends in carbonate research and resource extraction. Themes including changing ocean chemistries, inorganic carbonates, dissolution, the state of CO2 sequestration in carbonate reservoirs, and the present & future of big data/machine learning in understanding carbonate systems are planned, just to mention a few. Each half day morning session will consist of several TED-style talks by a panel of experts, followed by open participation in lively discussions by panelists and attendees. The first two mornings will conclude with short virtual field trips to classic carbonate locals in both Canadian and international venues, including a visit to Ediacaran reefs in Namibia. The field trips will utilize new drone and lidar technologies, designed to provide an enhanced, unique fieldtrip experience for all. There will also be a question-and-answer period with the field trip leaders, aimed to recreate discussions at the outcrop! The third day’s morning session will conclude with two interactive video presentations of drill cores from Alberta. The session will include a complex succession of Middle Devonian carbonates and evaporites from beneath the oil sands, featuring interbedded carbonate-evaporite sequences that have experienced meteoric influx with associated dedolomitization.

In the four years since Mountjoy II, the roll and perceived value of carbonate rocks has changed drastically.  As a mature and depleted source for hydrocarbons, these rocks are now front and centre in the development of new resources.  Among these are such examples as the development of lithium and precious minerals from ancient carbonate aquifers, the extraction of geothermal energy using existing oil field infrastructure, and the sequestration of dense anthropogenic CO2, kilometers below industrial capture facilities. The wealth of knowledge gathered by the trailblazers of carbonate research, such as Dr Eric Mountjoy, in who’s memory the conference is dedicated to, will be the critical cornerstone in understanding this new resource.  However, as the type of resource differs from what would be traditional, so to does the understanding of these systems.  New tools and understanding of carbonate systems will be critical in making the most of the new resource, and the Mountjoy conference series will showcase it all. 

The event includes online access to all sessions, as well continued access to recordings of the presentations and discussions. Registration will open in May 2021, please visit for details.  Grant applications for students will open in May, students will need to fill in an application to be eligible for a grant or for an industry sponsorship for their registration fees.

Finally, it is our hope that this conference sampler will serve to entice you into considering what new and imaginative groundbreaking research is being done in your research group or company that you might consider putting forth for the live conference in 2022!

Thank you and look forward to seeing all online August 2021!

The Mountjoy III Organizing Committee.