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Division Profile

The Energy Transition and Sustainability (ETS) technical division comprises a group of geoscientists with a mutual interest in the evolution of the global energy market, and how innovation, technology, and sustainable practices are being incorporated into responsible exploration and development of natural and renewable resources.

The primary objectives of ETS are to: investigate and discuss how the skillsets of currently trained oil and gas geoscientists fit into the evolving energy and environment landscape; evaluate what training and knowledge is required to thrive in changing workplaces and a dynamic economy; and how these professionals can use current and acquired skills to pivot to new industries and sectors. 

ETS members actively participate in CSPG activities by helping to organize technical talks, training opportunities, networking events, workshops, short courses, and by communicating in the Reservoir magazine. ETS also provides a forum for geoscientists to engage with each other on the opportunities associated with energy transition, promote geoscience education and knowledge, and offer a support group of technical experts to the regulatory and governmental authorities that are tasked with developing policy.

Topics of focus include:

  • carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS); 
  • computational geosciences and data science;
  • critical elements and energy minerals;
  • digitalization of industry and its applications (e.g., internet-of-things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, block chain technology, etc.);
  • environment, social and corporate governance (ESG);
  • geofluids (e.g., boron, iodine, lithium, etc.);
  • helium;
  • hydrogen; 
  • sustainable practices related to natural and renewable resource development; and,
  • wind, solar and tidal energy resources.

Note: Information related to geothermal energy resources can be found by visiting the CSPG Geothermal Technical Division webpage.  

Committee Members
Co-Chair: Ryan Lemiski, Gran Tierra Energy 
Co-Chair: Dan Palombi, Alberta Energy Regulator – Alberta Geological Survey
Co-Chair: Maren Blair
Co-Chair: Travis Brookson 


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