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May 12, 2021
Mission Possible: High Density Seismic Acquisition with Near-Zero Footprint
Speaker: Allan Châtenay, Explor, Calgary
Time: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm Mountain Time 
 E-Technical Division Talk 

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Division Profile
The International Division has provided a forum to members and guests interested in the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the world since 1985. We offer monthly free brown-bag lunchtime workshops and special social events. It starts at noon with a 5 minute introduction, followed by a 10 minute “Rock Shot” warm-up and the 30 minute main presentation, which leaves the last 15 minutes for networking. Upcoming events are detailed below.

The “Rocks Shots” could be anything interesting and should be light. In the past we have had travelogues, world cultural heritage relationships between geology and beverages, and quick geoscience knowledge. The main technical presentation should cover geoscientific and/or broadly oil and gas related topics.

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