January 23, 2020
The Mannville of East-Central Alberta (Twp. 35-45 Rge. 1W4-20W4)
Speakers: Godfried Wasser and Shpetim Cobaj, Eucalyptus Consulting Inc. 
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February 05, 2020
Determination of Mineralogy and Reservoir Properties from XRF Elemental Data in the Duvernay Formation
Speaker: Ron Spencer, PhD | XRF Solutions Ltd.
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JANUARY 22, 2020
Groundwater Exploration in Humanitarian Crises 
Paul Bauman | Advisian 

FEBRUARY 19, 2020
Overseas Operations: Opportunities and Challenges. A Moderated Panel Discussion
Speakers: Calin Dragoie, Tom Feuchtwanger, Geoff Say, Roger D. Whittaker 
Moderator: Jen Russel-Houston