Are you new to Calgary or Canada?  Are you new to the Industry? 
Strengthen Your Geoscience Career by Joining CSPG GeoMatch

We are a group of professional geologists
that believe the CSPG needs a mentoring program covering all members - promoting cross-generational and cross-cultural relations. It is an effort to integrate the community and strengthen the society’s values and integrity.

There are many geologists who are seeking leadership and mentorship experiences in volunteering as mentors with other organizations or joining Toastmaster groups – let’s encourage and develop the CSPG to become the main mentor association for it’s members!

Mentorship and Leadership

Building a solid base of mentors can be a challenge. We plan to get together once a month to exchange experience and ideas, in the form of workshops, discussions, blogs and articles. In other words, we are going to educate and train ourselves.

There are many experienced industry mentors who would like to volunteer to give talks to our mentors and transfer their experience in mentorship and leadership.  Mentors and mentees will be able to attend GeoMatch/GeoStart sessions and give talks.  This will help both mentors and mentees to develop their skills and encourage them to present to a larger audience (Technical Division talks). We are looking for volunteer speakers who are interested in giving talks to the GeoMatch/GeoStart audience or participate in leadership/mentorship discussion forms for mentors. 

     1.   Newcomers to Canada (geoscientists with Permanent Resident status in Canada)
     2.   Newcomers to the industry and to Calgary
3.   In-Transition (unemployed) (this is NOT a job placement program)
     4.   Young Professionals
(also see the CSPG YP group)
     5.   Women in Geosciences  (also see GeoWomen)

If you are interested in participating in the GeoMatch program as a Mentor or a Mentee please send an email to (c.c. along with your resume or link to your LinkedIn profile.  An application form will be sent to you to better understand your interests and experience.  The GeoMatch committee will then review your profile in order to make the best match for you.  We will have you sign an agreement in your introductory meeting with your mentor/mentee.

Upcoming Events

Geomatch Kickoff Meeting
This meeting has been postponed. Check back for more information soon!

CSPG Resources
- we have a number of resources to help if you are just starting out

FREE noon-hour talks that happen multiple times per month (Technical Divisions, GeoWomen and Young Professionals)
Technical Luncheons - monthly technical talks
Sporting/Social/Networking Events - make connections with other CSPG members - see our list of upcoming events
Conferences/Conventions throughout the year
Short Courses and Field Trips - advance your technical learning
Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology - technical articles to advance your knowledge
The Reservoir magazine
- stay current on society happenings

Mentors must be current members of CSPG, however mentees do not need to hold a membership.  Please contact in order to apply to become a mentee.

Committee Chair - Nawras Akkad,