Guest Editors: Weishan Ren, Olena Babak, Eric Niven, Kristina Rohr

Issue Contents

Foreword: 2018 Gussow Conference Special Edition Closing the Gap III: 
Advances in Applied Geomodeling for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
D. Garner

Utilizing sedimentary process-based models as training images for 
multipoint facies simulations

I. Aarnes, H. van der Vegt, R. Hauge, B. Fjellvoll and K. Nordahl


  Characterization of complex fluvial architecture through outcrop studies
– dealing with intrinsic data bias at multiple scales in the 
pursuit of a representative geomodel

S.M. Hudson, S. Meek, B.J. Steeves, A. Bertoch, C. Jolley, A. Treviño and J. Klimek
  Geological process simulation in 3-D lithofacies modeling: 
Application in a basin floor fan setting

D. Otoo and D. Hodgetts
  Data analytics and geostatistical workflows for modeling 
uncertainty in unconventional reservoirs

M.J. Pyrcz
  Uncovering potential of seismic for reservoir 
characterization in Canadian oil sands

O. Babak and J. Gallop

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