Go Take A Hike is a compendium of 83 hikes in beautiful natural areas around Alberta and Eastern BC with a focus on the geological story of the outcrops and natural processes  that are encountered along the way.


Go Take A Hike
The Geology of Trails in the Canadian Rockies and Surrounding Areas

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1. Jura Creek (Exshaw, AB) - SPONSORED by John Maher Michelle Asgar-Deen, Jennifer Adams, Katherine Boggs
2. Upper Kananaskis Lake (Peter Lougheed PP, AB)  - SPONSORED by the Trustees of the 2018 CSPG Foundation Board Philip Benham, Margot McMechan, Yingchun Guan
3. Ptarmigan Cirque (Kananaskis Country, AB)   -   SPONSORED by Riverboat Resources Ltd. Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
4. Picklejar Lakes (Kananaskis Country, AB)   -   SPONSORED by Tangle Creek Energy Ltd.  
Philip Benham, Jeremy Anderson, Chad Glemser
5. Yoho Glacier (Yoho NP, BC)   -   SPONSORED by Ian Hutcheon and Colleen McMechan
Ron Spencer, Victoria Jeary, Steve Moore
6. Johnston Canyon (Banff NP, AB) - SPONSORED by Lis Bjeld in Honour of Graeme Bloy
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
7. Canyon Creek/Moose Mountain (Kananaskis Country, AB) - SPONSORED by Sigma Explorations Inc.
Dan Quinsey, Philip Benham
8. Lake Minnewanka (Banff NP, AB) - SPONSORED by Raymond P. Featherstone
Philip Benham, Yingchun Guan
9. Headwall Lakes (Kananaskis Country, AB)   -   SPONSORED in Memory of Dr. Spencer McLean
Philip Benham, David Miller
10. Salt River (Wood Buffalo NP, AB)   -   SPONSORED by Michael Webb
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
11. Grosbeak Lake Boulder Plain (Wood Buffalo NP, AB)   -   SPONSORED by Georgia Hoffman in Honour of Esther Lobb
Chris Schneider, Ben Collins
12. Bow Glacier Falls (Banff NP, AB)    -   SPONSORED by Allen Schink
Ron Spencer, Victoria Jeary, Steve Moore
13. Nihahi Ridge (Kananaskis Country, AB)    -   SPONSORED by Andre, Manda, Elise, Celine and Chantal Chow
Jon Greggs
14. Salt Plain Overlook (Wood Buffalo NB, AB) 
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
15. Peace Point (Wood Buffalo NP, AB)    -   SPONSORED in Memory of Bif Armstrong
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
16. Devonian Outcrop (Water Treatment Plant, Fort McMurray)
Chris Scheider, Matthias Grobe
17. Whitemud Falls (Wildland PP, East of Fort McMurray, AB) 
Chris Scheider, Matthias Grobe
18. Karstland Loop (Wood Buffalo NP, AB) 
Chris Schneider, Andres Altosaar
19. Wapta Mountain (Yoho NP, BC)   -   SPONSORED by Clinton Tippett in Honour of Jim Aitken
Ron Spencer, Rob Taerum

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