The CSPG and Climate Change

The Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists since its formation in 1927 has primarily been focused on fostering technical excellence for the members of the society and the broader geological community.

The primary expertise of the CSPG is in the geology of Canadian sedimentary basins and the fluids that they contain. The CSPG has several divisions including Hydrogeology and Environment Divisions and has also hosted meetings focused on the topics of Carbon Capture and Geothermal Energy.

There is some climate science expertise within the CSPG but this is not the society’s primary focus. However, the CSPG recognizes that the issue of modern climate change is of great interest to the membership of the CSPG and to the general public. The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the CSPG have therefore decided that as a technical society it is appropriate for the CSPG to provide links to a selection of websites relevant to modern climate change. These websites will allow our members to review the basic data and overview positions on the issue of climate change and to develop their own opinions on this important issue.

NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information: links to many raw data sets.

Alberta Climate Records: 50 years of Alberta climate data and a custom mapping tool.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists: link to the AAPG Climate Change Statement.

Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia: numerous links to resources on climate change.

BP: the BP sustainability report showing how one company is addressing the issue. 

Shell: interesting report on the transition from hydrocarbon based energy to renewable energy supply.
Download the “Energy Transition” pdf from this page.

The Royal Society:
numerous links to resources on climate change.

The Economist Magazine: articles on climate change from authors across a wide range of disciplines.

 Mark Cooper
Past President CSPG